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Fluffikon Housewarming Gift Card


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Immediately after the purchase, you will get an Email with the Fluffikon Housewarming Card Voucher ready to be given away as a gift. This standard Gift Card has the redemption code and its value on it.

Additionally, we offer you the following option for a personalized gift card with the name(s) of the card receiver(s) and the gift card's value on it. All you have to do is to send us the name(s) of the receiver(s) to contactus@fluffikon.ch

  • Option A (2 - 3 working days): we will print the personalized gift voucher and send it to you via A-Post

Fluffiness meets High Quality

Zoom on high quality zipper of Fluffikon pillow.
Zoom on open high-quality zipper of Fluffikon pillow.

The inner wool filling of a Fluffikon pillow is shown. The pillows is lying on gras in Swiss mountains.

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Shipping and Packaging

Free Delivery
Fluffikon takes care of the delivery costs! We ship our Fluffikon products properly and eco-friendly packaged with Swiss Post.

 "The cushions arrived very nicely packaged with a bow and a personal greeting on the box. There were also a few goddies in the form of postcard motifs, stickers and two plush versions of the mascot. Everything looks lovingly designed and very well thought out." 
(Google Review Feb 2022)

Fluffikon pillows FAQs

Yes, all Fluffikon decorative pillows are filled with fluffy biological wool from Switzerland; it is included in the price. The wool filling is embedded in an inner pillow cushion made from beige cotton fabric.

Yes, you can wash your Fluffikon pillow. Here are some details about the specific washing procedures of the outer and inner pillows:

Silk pillows, velvet pillows and brocade pillows:

You can wash the silk, velvet and brocade pillow covers in delicate mode at 30°C.

Inner cotton pillow cover:

All inner cotton pillow covers are washable in delicate mode at 30°C. 

Wool pillows:

The wool pillows have the natural ability to self-clean. Regardless, you can still wash your wool pillow. We recommend the following spot cleaning method:

1. Give your Fluffikon pillow a good beating to get any dust out of it.

2. Mix wool wash detergent (or any other detergent that does not contain chemicals) and lukewarm water in a bucket.

3. Gather the foam with a gentle brush and wipe it across your pillow cover. Don’t worry if you spill a few water drops on it, just do not get it soaking wet.

4. Gently brush the pillowcase.

5. Give some extra attention to spots or marks on your pillow by applying more foam to them.

6. Dry your wool pillow outside in the sun. If possible, put it on grass or a bush so the air can circulate underneath.

7. Enjoy your freshly cleaned Fluffikon pillowcase!

The outer and inner pillows are made in Morocco. We work with four dedicated women. Karima and Khadija are two passionate women making the pillows from scratch. Bahija + Naima are fierce entrepreneurs with a stitching workshop. They make the stitched Lalla Soffa on the back of every pillow.

The wool comes from a small farm in Switzerland. We fill the pillows ourselves in Switzerland and send them out to you.

Yes, Fluffikon is happy to take care of the delivery costs (free delivery). Your pillows are sent properly and ecologically packed from Zurich via Swiss Post.

Yes, Fluffikon is a Swiss brand. We (Oli & Jii) are located in Zurich, Switzerland.

Orders placed on our website are processed within 1-2 days. Once the fluffy goods are dispatched with Swiss Post you should receive your items within 2-3 working days in Switzerland. On some occasions, it may take longer and we will inform you via Email.


We are Oli and Jii, life partners and co-founders of Fluffikon, based in Zurich, Höngg :)

Fluffikon is a small Swiss business specialized in unique, original and long-lasting decorative cushions that have an undeniable Moroccan touch.

Fluffikon serves as a cultural bridge between Morocco and Switzerland, two countries dear to us.


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