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Examples of Kilim donut cat beds

1. Kilim Bed - Oasis (sold)

 Taco's pawrents gave us this review on Google ⭐

"My wife and I met Jii at the Bimbam Weihnachtsmarkt in Oerlikon. We loved the pillows she made from carpets from Morocco and wool from Switzerland.

We bonded over Morocco and cats, and together somehow came up with the idea of making a cat bed for one of our cats!

The cherry on top is that our cat, who for the past ten years never liked sleeping in a commercially made bed, LOVES the bed (see photo!).

Thanks Jii and Oliver for the amazing custom cat bed (and pillows, of course) and the wonderful end to end experience with making a custom order. Would definitely recommend!

2. Blue-White Kilim Bed

3. Black & White Kilim Bed

Examples of Kilim rugs

Those rugs could be transformed into a bed

Choose your unique cat bed <3

Cat Tacco curled up in hr new Fluffikon customized Kilim rug cat bed.

You can expect a reply from us (Oli or Jii) within the first 24 hours!

  • We will take into account your favorite style and colors of Kilim rug. Then we will send you a matching selection to choose from for free!
  • Once you are sure of your choice, the crafting of your bed (and pillows) will be done and delivered within 4-6 weeks.
  • The payment will be processed after you choose to transform your favourite rug into a customized donut cat bed.
  • And, of course, keep you posted on each step of the process, as well as remaining reachable any day of the week!


  • S (Inner diameter D < 40 cm): 400 - 500 CHF
  • M (D: 40 - 50 cm): 450 - 550 CHF


Kilim donut cat beds

Our round Kilim cat beds focus on three aspects that we cannot find in most pet beds that are available on the Swiss market: 

✅ A bed with natural and calming properties that cats looove!

✅ A sustainable & eco-friendly cat bed

✅ A pet bed that is a gorgeous interior decorative piece <3

On the outside our cat beds are made from handmade Berber wool rugs that can only be found in Morocco.

Every rug is a unique piece of art. This guarantees that every pet bed is one of a kind.

The unique bed is a stylish decorative statement piece for your interior! And you can be sure that no one has one like you do!

On the inside, we fill our pet beds with the fluffiest and softest biological Swiss sheep wool.

Wool is 100% natural and it has many unique advantages over synthetic materials, such as:

➡️ Shape and Fluffiness

A wool filled cat bed is more comfortable ☁️ This is because wool has a natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape, like a spring.

Wool has a great resilience against becoming flat. So your Woow keeps its shape and fluffiness longer than beds filled with synthetics.

➡️ Natural Heater and Cooler

Wool fibres have a natural thermo-regulation giving the pet bed a built-in heater/cooler 🌡️

Wool gives off heat while absorbing ambient moisture. This is due to chemical reactions between water and wool fibres as the water hydrogen bonds break down.

This built-in evaporative cooling and heating system keeps your cat cool ❄️ in summer and warm ​​🔥 in winter

➡️ The most breathable pet bed filling

Wool is the most breathable filling material for pet beds 🙌 Breathability is the degree to which a fabric permits air and moisture to pass through it 💨

Wool generates very little static electricity due to it’s high internal moisture content. Static electricity attracts lint, dirt, and dust. So its anti-static properties keep it much cleaner for longer which also means easier breathing.

We love wool with its natural superpowers as an eco-friendly cat bed material and filling!

And that s why we can guarantee that you and your fluff baby will love it too! 🐱❤️

Yes, our Kilim cat beds are designed such that the cover is removable and easily washable

The outer cover can be machine washed (30°C) using the wool programm.

We recomment using mild or neutral detergents. Avoid detergents with enzymes, or any detergents containing bleaches.

Shipping & About

We currently ship our Kilim pet beds to Switzerland and to the USA for free.

Our beds are shipped properly packaged per PostPac Economy by Swiss Post 💛📦

All beds are sent from Zurich, Switzerland.

We are open to any other country if the laws and fees allow it.

We are Oli and Jii, cat parents 🐱🐱, founders and managers of Fluffikon 👫

Our small Swiss business specializes in unique, original, and long-lasting pet beds & decorative cushions.

We are based in Zurich and produce our fairly handmade products in Casablanca, Morocco.

Our biological wool filling is obtained from a family-owned business in Switzerland.

Our company serves as a cultural bridge between Morocco and Switzerland, two countries dear to us, a union which reflects in our products.

Yes, no problem! 👍

Normally, you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return 🔙

However, we are cat pawrents ourselves 🐈 and know that cats can be very particular 🤓

If your cat does not want to use his/her bed, just contact us, even if you have had the bed for more than 14 days.

We have a satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

To start a return, you can contact us at contactus@fluffikon.ch.

We’ll send you instructions on how and where to send your package. 

Please do not send the item back before you have contacted us.

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