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Fluffikon is a brand specialized in fluffiness as its name suggests. Any product we make either now or in the future is going to take into consideration this essential feature.

Our Moroccan decorative pillows and pet beds are thoughtfully designed in Switzerland and handmade with care in Morocco. The decision to have them made in Morocco was based on the indisputable know-how of the Kingdom in the fashion and clothing sector, the textile being the country’s oldest industry. As well as helping women’s status in that developing country.

All of our decorative pillows, dog beds and cat beds are exclusive and they come in limited editions! Meaning we hunt fluffy and original fabrics, buy a certain amount and use it to make your beloved Fluffikon product. Unlike mass-produced items, this approach increases the chances to own a unique piece that only a few others possess, which makes Fluffikon products more valuable, appreciable and more special too!

Fluffikon's decorative pillows and pet beds have an undeniable Moroccan aspect thanks to gorgeous, long-lasting and unique fabrics. The inside however is filled with soft and fluffy Swiss wool, an indispensable feature. This approach connects Switzerland and Morocco, and brings our two beloved countries closer together. We also make sure to use solid, long-lasting materials that will ensure a durable quality product.