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Fluffikon's velvet throw pillows are extremely soft and cozy; they are the symbol of fluffiness. All throw pillows and lumbar pillows are made from smooth velvet fabrics from Morocco.

Velvet describes the structure of the fabric, not the fiber, like wool or cotton. The unusual softness and appearance give them a luxurious and noble touch. 

Fluffikon velvet throw pillows add warmth, coziness, and originality to any room; they are a glossy symbol of non-conformity and bohemian elegance. Their uniqueness makes them an ideal housewarming gift.

Like all Fluffikon Moroccan pillows, they are optionally filled with the fluffiest biological wool from Switzerland. Each pillow has 100% durable cotton fabric on the back of the cushion giving them a modern look.

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About Us

We are Oli and Jii, life partners and co-founders of Fluffikon,
 based in Zurich, Höngg :)

Fluffikon is a small Swiss business specialized in unique,
original and long-lasting decorative cushions that have an undeniable Moroccan touch.

Fluffikon serves as a cultural bridge between Morocco and Switzerland,
two countries dear to us.

Feel free to contact us here anytime contactus@fluffikon.ch.
We are happy to receive your Email.

Oli & Jii