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Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of our latest Atlas Wonders collection. 

These pillows are made from Berber / Amazigh handmade rugs and they are without a doubt an eye-catcher.

These carpets have the fascinating ability to connect the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern interiors.

They are handwoven with 100% sheep wool by talented Amazigh women native to villages in the Middle and High Atlas of Morocco. These women express themselves via their textile art and create breathtaking masterpieces

Discover Fluffikon's Moroccan Pillows

About Us

We are Oli and Jii, life partners and co-founders of Fluffikon,
 based in Zurich, Höngg :)

Fluffikon is a small Swiss business specialized in unique, original and long-lasting decorative cushions
that have an undeniable Moroccan touch.

Fluffikon serves as a cultural bridge between Morocco and Switzerland,
two countries dear to us.

Feel free to contact us here anytime contactus@fluffikon.ch .
We are happy to receive your Email.

Oli & Jii