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This is our first sustainable Woow dog bed

Zoom on wool of a black and white Fluffikon wool dog bed. The sustainable dog bed is filed with sheep wool and made from natural material.

100% Wool - 100% organic

This sustainable Woow dog bed is made from a black and white vintage Moroccan Kilim carpet 😍

We love its natural properties, and dog and cats do too! 🐶❤️

The wool bed is machine washabledurable and, of course, filled with Swiss biological wool.

Katze auf nachhaltigem Fluffikon Hundebett. Das Hundebett ist schwarz weiss und ist aus organischer Wolle hergestellt.

100% Limited Edition

Every Woow is unique!

All Woows are dropped in limited editions. For example, there will be only two beds made from this black and white Kilim rug.

The one-of-a-kind dog bed is a stylish decorative statement piece for your interior! And you can be sure that no one has one like you and fluffy friends do!

Support us in bringing to life the first eco-friendly Swiss dog bed

The Crowdify Campaign to create 15 sustainable dog beds

Fluffikon's organic Woows FAQs

We are Oli and Jii, founders and managers of Fluffikon, a small swiss business specializing in unique, original, and long-lasting dog beds & decorative cushions.

We are based in Zürich and produce our fairly handmade products in Morocco. Our company serves as a cultural bridge between Morocco and Switzerland, two countries dear to us, a union which reflects in our products.

Woows focus on three aspects that we cannot find in most dog beds that are available on the Swiss market: 

✅ A bed with natural properties that dogs loooooove 

✅ A sustainable & eco-friendly dog bed

✅ A bed that is a decorative statement piece for the dog owner’s interior 

Wool is 100% natural and it has many unique advantages over synthetic materials, such as:

➡️ Shape and Fluffiness

A wool filled dog bed is more comfortable ☁️ This is because wool has a natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape, like a spring.

Wool has a great resilience against becoming flat. So your Woow keeps its shape and fluffiness longer than beds filled with synthetics.

➡️ Natural Heater and Cooler

Wool fibres have a natural thermo-regulation giving the pet bed a built-in heater/cooler 🌡️

Wool gives off heat while absorbing ambient moisture. This is due to chemical reactions between water and wool fibres as the water hydrogen bonds break down.

This built-in evaporative cooling and heating system keeps your dog cool ❄️ in summer and warm ​​🔥 in winter

➡️ The most breathable dog bed filling

Wool is the most breathable filling material for pet beds 🙌 Breathability is the degree to which a fabric permits air and moisture to pass through it 💨

Wool generates very little static electricity due to it’s high internal moisture content. Static electricity attracts lint, dirt, and dust. So its anti-static properties keep it much cleaner for longer which also means easier breathing.

We love wool with its natural superpowers as an eco-friendly dog bed material and filling!

We are sure you and your dog will love it too! 🐶❤️

Yes, we ship our pre-ordered Woows into Switzerland and USA.