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The Fluffikon Team

A couple standing in the Swiss mountains.

Founder / Management

We work on basically everything :D We will have more specific roles as the future unfolds.

Oli & Jii

Two women holding fabric for decorative pillows.

Technical Team: Sewing

We are so fortunate to work with incredible hardworking, passionate and dedicated women!
Karima makes your pillows from scratch! She has learned almost everything she knows from her conscientious, agile and skilled mother. Karima is incredibly talented and creative with a special eye for details. She leaves nothing to chance and handles every task with great attention and care. They are a pillar of Fluffikon!

Karima and Khadija

Sheep with a moroccan hat stitched on a decorative pillow.

Technical Team: Stitching

We are also very pleased about our collaboration with Bahija and her mother Naima who are fierce entrepreneurs at the head of their own business unit.

They’re the ones who make the stitched Lalla Soffa on the back of every Fluffikon pillow.

Bahija and Naima

Small wool sheep with a Moroccan hat.

Fluffikon Ambäääsador

She is our proud brand ambäääsador, who’s doing an amazing job at public relations and communication!

Lalla Soffa